The Mindset Lists

The Mindset List has delighted millions for over a decade about what has “always” or “never” been true for entering college students. It was created at Beloit College in 1998 to reflect the world view of entering first year students, and started with the members of the class of 2002, born in 1980.

What started as a witty way of saying to faculty colleagues “watch your references,” has turned into a globally reported and utilized guide to the intelligent if unprepared adolescent consciousness. It is requested by thousands of readers, reprinted in hundreds of print and electronic publications, and used for a wide variety of purposes. It immediately caught the imagination of the public, and in the ensuing years, has drawn responses from around the world. This site now gets more than a million hits a year.

The site contains all of the lists and news about the list’s development. There are also opportunities to provide feedback and to get information on authors Ron Nief and Tom McBride.

Contact information is here for the authors and you can follow the conversations and share your ideas and stories either at the Mindset List Facebook page or at

The Lists

  • The Mindset List® For the Class of 2019
  • 2018 LIST
  • 2017 LIST
  • 2016 List
  • 2015 List
  • 2014 List
  • 2013 List
  • 2012 List
  • 2011 List
  • 2010 List
  • 2009 List
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