The Mindset List of the Obscure

The Mindset List of the Obscure“Exquisitely mindboggling entertainment.”
Jim McManus, author of Positively Fifth Street

“Tom McBride and Ron Nief have never failed to open my mind while making me smile. The Mindset List has been an annual treasure. The Mindset List of the Obscure opens the way to pleasurable discovery of Americans lost but not to be forgotten.”
Jim Fleming, former host of PRI’s To the Best of Our Knowledge and host and producer of Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chapter A Day

The Mindset List of the Obscure details 74 famously forgotten icons of American life, such as Slide Rules and Tired Blood, Mimeograph Machines and Volkswagen Jokes. It explains why they’ve been forgotten, what today’s young people might think of them, and how they are uncannily similar to well-known cultural phenomena in today’s world. This book will educate you about America’s past, amuse you about its present, and bend your mind about its future.