ANNUAL PARENTS ADVISORY: 20 Questions New Parents Will Need to Answer!

by Tom McBride


 It’s a new year, with new babies born every few seconds. Here are twenty questions that new parents will have to answer over the next couple of decades, as they raise the college class of 2038.

#1: What was it like when you first saw robots flipping burgers at McDonald’s?

#2: Are you telling me that Senator Clinton’s father used to be president, too?

#3: What was a family doctor?

#4: Why do all these pharmacies and food markets have steeples, like churches?

#5: Why did you make we wait until I was seven before giving me a mobile phone?

#6: When did the first robot colony land on the moon?

#7: How long have people been summering in the Arctic?

#8: Why is it that only military personnel are allowed to fly Humvees?

#9: Can I get a gun permit at 13? Other kids have them.

#10: Don’t you think a microchip implant might be worth ten added points on my SAT?

#11: Do you really think they’ll be able to build a synthetic brain from scratch?

#12: Isn’t it about time for you to take the car in to get its driver’s license renewed?

#13: With all these jobs being replaced by machines, when do you think governments will get wise and guarantee annual minimum incomes?

#14: Was Putinia once called Russia?

#15: Can I have a virtual dog for my next birthday?

#16: What was an “offline experience”?

#17: What do you make of that workers’ riot in Paris that destroyed a billion dollars worth of robots?

#18: Do you believe those rumors that the Mafia has now become involved in managing certain people’s data storage?

#19: How long has sub-Saharan Africa been called The Silicon Desert?

#20: What was the benefit of going to a store to buy something?

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